About Us

We at Envirolyte New Zealand pride ourselves on providing professional, innovative, cost-effective sanitation solutions to a diverse range of industries.


Our highly skilled team have comprehensive knowledge of the agricultural, horticultural and food processing industries. We are fully equipped to offer turnkey solutions that will greatly benefit your business.

Our core focus is to provide sustainable, safe, eco- and environmentally friendly sanitation solutions that have been proven to kill 99.9% of known pathogens. The various MPI Approvals and Biogro certification will promote confidence when introducing our new product to your business.

The applications for Envirolyte’s cutting edge technology are practically infinite and include any process requiring sterilisation, disinfection, odour control, water purification and wastewater discharge compliance.

The environmental benefits of reducing toxic chemical usage are prime factors for the use of Envirolyte® products, in turn enhancing your carbon footprint.

Our proven results are our best advertisement. We promote quality and safety both in product and service while maintaining the highest standards in project delivery.

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  • Decontamination
  • Dairy Farming / Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Livestock & Poultry
  • Waste Treatment
  • Water Treatment
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Water Tank Treatment


Envirolyte NZ Ltd,
43 Maurice Road,
PO Box 12-347 Penrose,
Auckland 1642,