Envirolyte Alcohol Free Non-Toxic Safe Sanitiser Introduction.
Water is the most abundant and natural resource on earth, and we could not exist without it. Alcohol Free Non-Toxic Safe Sanitiser is actually closer to all of us than we think. It is well known that 71% of our earth is covered with water…salt water to be exact.
Unknown to many, it was discovered that hidden within the molecular structure of this salt water, is nature’s very own ultimate protector.
Much like when lightning strikes water, something strange occurs to salt water when an electrical current is passed through it.
When the salt water is electrolysed, the molecules separate and re-arrange themselves into something else; and through a patented technology Envirolyte are able to capture one of these by-products in a stable solution called ANK Neutral Anolyte. (this is the key ingredient in all Envirolyte sanitisers)
 Anolyte’s magical component is something called hypochlorus acid solution (HOCI).
Now without getting too technical, although the word “acid” is in the name – it actually isn’t acidic at all because it exists in the Anolyte solution which is pH neutral (like normal water)
What is Anolyte?
The HOCI in Anolyte is a disinfectant that is lethal to every pathogen harmful to humans including pathogens such as, E-Coli, listeria, Candida, Meningitis, Encephalitis, Salmonella and much more.
HOCI disinfects 100 times better than bleach – yet it is non-toxic and non-irritating.
And here’s the great bit – Bacteria cannot seem to become resistant to it – in fact, it kills every pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungus, mold etc) that it has been scientifically tested against without any resistance because it uses “science” to destroy them. It kills 99.99% of all known germs on contact.
How does it Anolyte work?
To produce the Alcohol Free Non-Toxic Safe Sanitiser, Envirolyte units electrolyse a salt brine solution combined with water, and pass it through a patented ceramic membrane to produce two separate solutions, and one of them is the super disinfectant Anolyte which is the pH neutral and fast-acting sanitizer.
The reason Anolyte is so destructive to germs is because it has a very high “redox potential”. This means it has a strong ability to tear electrons from the atoms of pathogens and germs.
Yet despite of this destructive potential to pathogens, HOCI in Anolyte is something our body produces naturally and is part of our own natural immune system. This process is called phagocytosis.
“Anolyte is a solution that is lethal to every pathogen harmful to humans yet remains chemical free, non-toxic & biodegradable”
How does it Differ from other Eco-friendly sanitizers?
Unlike most other sanitisers on the market…Envirolyte ANK Neutral Anolyte is made from electrolysed salt and water, a key point of difference is once applied the active ingredients return to these original components which means it’s 100% biodegradable with no nasty by-products remaining; BioGro Certified this product is guaranteed not to impact the environment.
Being alcohol and “nasty-chemical” free reduces the risk for the consumer and promotes a germ free environment safely and naturally.
Anolyte is different in that it is Alcohol Free, PH neutral and does not damage living tissue or any of the body’s natural defenses.


If you are looking for a true Alcohol Free Non-Toxic Safe Sanitiser then look no further than Envirolyte Safe Sanitiser range, all with the magical Anolyte ingredient.

Safe for Kids
Safe for Babies
Safe for the Environment
Yet Deadly to all known Pathogens