New Plymouth, Taranaki – Poultry production and operations were facing a rather difficult challenge, and one which was ever present, ever toxic and totally unavoidable, or so it seemed…

The operations, which consisted of 12 farms in close proximity, were using an accepted and trusted method to disinfect and sanitize laid eggs before they were moved over to hatchling/incubation areas.

It was thought, based on current technology, that there was no other way to achieve this degree of sanitation without living with a very hazardous and unavoidable side effect.

This effect was being experienced by all 12 farms simultaneously and not only did it expose staff to a potential health risk, it did so on a daily basis…

The Toxic Cloud

Due to the waste and excrement within the bird laying sheds, mitigating biosecurity risks required that the egg surfaces be cleaned and disinfected to a minimum standard of a 2-log bacterial reduction. This prevented the spread of dangerous pathogens like Salmonella, Bacillus, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus from being carried over into the incubation areas.

The operation achieved this by fogging the eggs with a chemical called Formalin (Formaldehyde) This general-purpose commercial disinfectant is commonly used within industrial operations for sanitation and reducing bacterial counts.

The eggs would be placed within a specially sealed and positively pressurized room whereupon they would be exposed to the chemical via fogging for 15 minutes.

This 15-minute fogging of the eggs proved to be an effective method to sanitize the egg surfaces and reduced the overall bacterial count to acceptable levels.

However, the formalin chemical was highly toxic as a fog and would cause serious health issues if inhaled. Staff were thus required to wear protective clothing and equipment whilst attending to the disinfecting process. The chemical also required Dangerous Goods handling, storage and transportation.

The fumes were so toxic that post-fogging, the receiving room required a “stand-down” period whereby the room was vented for 45 minutes before it was safe for staff to re-enter.



Introducing Green Technology

After installing an Envirolyte Electrolyzed Water Generator (EWG) on a central site with nearby access to all 12 farms, this centralized operation could now produce ANK Neutral Anolyte to replace Formalin as the active disinfectant for fogging operations.

Envirolyte’s patented green technology units electrolyze a salt brine solution combined with water to produce a super disinfectant called ANK Neutral Anolyte, on site and on demand.

Quite unbelievably the only raw materials required to produce ANK Neutral Anolyte are table salt and tap water. Which meant all the farms began to experience significant cost savings from being able to produce their own super disinfectant when ever they needed to.

Envirolyte supplied 12 ultra-sonic foggers for each farm to replace the existing method and ANK Neutral Anolyte was introduced as the active sanitizing/disinfecting agent.


Powerful Anolyte…..Safe Anolyte

Anolyte’s key ingredient is hypochlorus acid solution (HOCI).

Without getting too technical, although the word “acid” is in the name – it actually isn’t acidic at all because it exists in the Anolyte solution which is pH neutral.

The pH neutral Anolyte produced is totally non-toxic yet lethal to all known known pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungus and molds.

Yet despite this destructive potential to pathogens, the HOCI in Anolyte is something the body produces naturally and is part of a person’s own natural immune system, which makes it completely safe and non-toxic.

Biodegradable ANK Neutral Anolyte not only eliminated all the dangers associated with the traditional method, but tests revealed a 3-5 log bacterial count reduction which was significantly better than what was being achieved with the hazardous Formalin chemical.

The Added Benefits

As Anolyte is non-toxic this eliminated the need to vent the room for 45 minutes, and staff could enter as soon as the 15-minute fogging was complete, and without PPE gear.

ANK Neutral Anolyte is also not classed as a Dangerous Good so there was no longer a requirement for special storage and handling.

Challenging the status quo to provide a better and safer working environment for staff was the main priority of the operations team, so the added benefits were quite unexpected; not only did green technology accomplish the staff safety precondition, it also revealed that the traditional method was costly and time consuming.

Most importantly it highlighted a valuable return on investment for a company that was brave enough to challenge its outdated method and seek an eco-friendly solution.

Biodegradable ANK Neutral Anolyte gets the real Encore though – it consistently outperformed the traditional toxic method and will continue to pave the way towards a safer, cleaner and healthier planet.

Another great day for Green Technology!

ANK Neutral Anolyte and ANK Clean can be purchased in 5L ,20L and 200L totes and is BioGro Certified and MPI Approved – C23, C43, C51, C61, C104

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