When you are a very dairy large producer, everything you do is on a large scale.

The unfortunate drawback to this is that when issues arise they can also be on the larger end of the scale, and matters can be further compounded when there is no obvious solution in sight…

This was certainly the case for a large dairy producer based on New Zealand’s West Coast. An unfortunate consequence of large-scale dairy production is the generation of large volumes of waste water which can emit unpleasant odours under certain conditions.

During the treatment process, large volumes of waste water are typically screened and delivered to storage tanks. Depending on wind direction and ambient temperature, large areas of the town could be exposed to these unpleasantries from time to time.

The operations team had investigated numerous control measures, but had yet to encounter a technology that could eradicate the issue entirely and more importantly offer an elimination strategy should this issue arise.

Because no cleaning agents or chemicals of any kind could be added the waste water (which would affect the natural treatment process and compliance) there seemed to be no way to naturally eliminate the odours.

To compound matters, these odours were not only venting from the reservoirs, but also from the pre-treatment DAF facility.

Bright Light Anolyte

Having learnt about an environmentally friendly product called ANK Neutral Anolyte, which was being used for general sanitation on sister sites around New Zealand, the team engaged with Envirolyte New Zealand with a bright idea.
It is well known that the ANK Neutral Anolyte product is lethal to all known pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungus and molds, so the team wondered if anolyte could cleanse the foul smelling vapours before they were released into the atmosphere?

The simple answer was yes, because when fogged Anolyte is extremely effective at eliminating odours.

ANK Neutral Anolyte being a naturally occurring substance doesn’t rely on agents or additives to mask foul smells, it neutralizes odours at the source particle level with zero impact to the environment.
To figure out the how, Envirolyte New Zealand needed to design and build a complete turn-key solution to achieve this type of fogging on such a large-scale.

It began with the commissioning and installation of an Envirolyte Electrolysed Water Generator (EWG) on site.
Envirolyte’s patented green technology units electrolyze a salt brine solution combined with water and pass it through a patented ceramic membrane to produce two separate solutions, and one of them is the super disinfectant ANK Neutral Anolyte which is a pH neutral and fast-acting sanitizer.

Because ANK Neutral Anolyte is non-toxic even when atomized, the fogging operations would thankfully pose no dangers to the staff on site.

Piping was installed around the perimeter of the large holding tanks and also throughout the DAF facility for the new high pressure misting system.
The arrangement also included a holding tank with an automated batching feature, pressure pumps and two PLC’s for active system management.

Once the system was activated, the plant could now fog the affected areas as required.
The system immediately eliminated the odours venting from all the waste water areas.

More importantly not only did the foul smells disappear from within the plant but thankfully also across the whole town as well.

Local residents and plant staff not only applauded the new technology but welcomed back their fresh New Zealand air, all thanks to the magic of ANK Neutral Anolyte!