Omaha in Auckland and Maketu in the Bay of Plenty may be over 300km apart, but they had a lot more in common than either would care to consider.

Both have waste water treatment facilities and were living with a problem that was deemed unsolvable.

It was thought, based on current technology there simply was no other way to solve this problem, other than to continue dealing with it in a traditional manner.

Most of us know that our tap water has chlorine in it, and it’s in the water for the specific reason to kill germs.

Each of these two waste water facilities were no different, and chlorine was being used at allowed concentrations to disinfect the water before it was released into underground irrigation systems. But there was a problem..

The Green Headache

Even though the water running throughout the 250 000m of subsurface irrigation was laced with Chlorine, it didn’t stop annoying algae from growing within the filters and piping systems, causing blockages and reducing water flow rate.

The main reason the algae and biofilm continued to grow in this Chlorinated water was because the pathogens were building up a resistance to this chemical over time.

The chlorine resistant algae would then flourish so much so that the entire system would have to be flushed and cleaned by maintenance teams every 6-8 weeks.

As costly and time consuming as this was, if it didn’t happen the entire system would become overwhelmed with algae growth and be rendered useless.

Increasing the dose of chlorine beyond allowed parameters was not an option, as increased doses would be harmful to the environment. The only way, or so it seemed, was to continue to deal with the problem in a traditional manner by physically removing the algae and biofilm build-up.

Embracing New Technology

After installing Envirolyte Electrolyzed Water Generators (EWG) on each site, the treatment plants could now produce a product called ANK Neutral Anolyte which replaced the Chlorine as the active disinfectant and water sanitizing agent.

Envirolyte’s patented green technology units electrolyze a salt brine solution combined with water and pass it through a patented ceramic membrane to produce two separate solutions, and one of them is the super disinfectant Anolyte which is a pH neutral and fast-acting sanitizer.

Although the pH neutral Anolyte produced is non-toxic and fully biodegradable, it is lethal to all known pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungus and molds.

Thus, it was no surprise that after introducing ANK Neutral Anolyte to replace the Chlorine it proved to be effective at sanitizing the water.

But, it did more than that….not only did it sanitize the water, it completely removed the biofilm and algae build up……permanently!

The time consuming and costly 6-8-weekly maintenance regime became a distant memory as Omaha and Maketu realised there was no longer a requirement for it.

But how was this possible and what was so different about this product called ANK Neutral Anolyte?

The Power of Anolyte

Anolyte is different to Chlorine and other sanitizing methods in that pathogens and bacteria cannot become resistant to it over time.

This is because the Anolyte removes the biofilm at the spore level, rendering the growth unable to reproduce and regenerate.

Explained further, pH neutral Anolyte acts like a “Trojan Horse” to pathogens and differs from Chlorine in that it doesn’t try and break down the outer cell wall to destroy the cell, it simply penetrates through the cell wall unchecked.

Once inside, Anolyte destroys the cell from the inside out by tearing the electrons from the atoms of the pathogens and bacteria cells.

Because the outer membrane of the pathogen never encounters a “fight” the cell doesn’t form a resistance and thereby rejuvenate as it does with Chlorine.

The algae’s now permanent inability to regrow due to the presence of ANK Neutral Anolyte in the irrigation system, is a great example of this green technology in action.


The Added Benefits

As Chlorine is classed as a Dangerous Good the 200L drums previously being used required special storage, transportation and handling.

There was also the human risk when staff were required to handle the toxic chemical.

The presence of Envirolyte EWG’s on site allowed each plant to produce a non-toxic and pH neutral product on demand and with no health and safety issues for the staff or the environment.

ANK Neutral Anolyte is also a BioGro certified product which is non-toxic to humans, plants, fish and animals and is 100% biodegradable even in its most concentrated form.

This could be why the grass on the golf course adjacent to the Omaha Plant (which benefits from the subsurface irrigation) was visibly greener, richer and more consistent!




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