Anolyte as a “Lethal but Safe” Disinfectant and Sanitizer

With Eco-Conscious consumers on the rise, food producers are under increasing pressure to rid their operations of harsh and unsafe chemicals. But finding eco-friendly alternatives isn’t that easy, especially when it comes to disinfecting and sanitizing.

The unfortunate down side to Eco-Friendly products is they are generally far less effective due to lower concentrations of alcohols and harmful chemicals, which when filtered down produce cleaners and sanitizers with far less punching power.

Food and Beverage industries are traditionally dependent on toxic agents to wage war on pathogens, and because there is no margin for error within their HACCP plans and Biosecurity systems it seems the safest practice is to continue using products and methodologies that have become increasingly environmentally burdensome.

More disconcerting is that although there is less of an environmental impact these undesireable agents are still present, which ultimately leaves companies wondering which way to turn.

The big conundrum now facing industries is how to appease the eco-consumer, deliver on sustainability goals and without somehow weakening hygiene practices across the food chain.This industry-wide scenario however, has kept up the pressure for businesses to find better and safer alternatives, and this heightened interest has green technology companies scrambling for answers. 

One of them is Envirolyte, who through a patented green technology process produce a product called ANK Neutral Anolyte, which is not only more cost effective than traditional methods but just as lethal at disinfecting.


This “lethal-but-safe” disinfectant has been well known to scientists since the early 1900’s and is produced through a process of electrolysis using only a brine solution and tap water.


The key component produced is hypochlorous acid (HOCl) which occurs naturally in the human body; white blood cells actually produce minute quantities of HOCl when fighting off infections.

Although scientists knew how to make this lethal-but-safe disinfectant, they did not have the technology to keep the solution stable for very long, and within a short period of time the HOCl would become deactivated. This inability to stablise HOCl ultimately contributed to the continued rise of toxic/hazardous agents as the preferred method for industries to control germs and bacterias.

Toxic and hazardous products have become so ingrained within our culture that most have a hard time believing anything without a danger sign visible on the label is capable of disinfecting to a commercial standard.

This mindset is certainly challenged when the Envirolyte label displays a complete absence of anything toxic or harmful at all. No alcohols, no harsh chemicals, no undesireable by-products and nothing that can harm the environment whatsoever.



Envirolyte’s patented green technology Electolyzed Water Generator units (EWG) electrolyze a salt brine solution combined with water to produce the super disinfectant ANK Neutral Anolyte, which although totally non-toxic is lethal to all known known pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungus and molds.

The technology can now harness and stabilize the natural super disinfectant HOCl within the anolyte solution for up to 9 months, and serves up the first truly lethal-but-safe disinfecting and sanitizing option for forward thinking companies. 

The HOCI in Anolyte is lethal to all known pathogens including E-Coli, Listeria, Candida, Meningitis, Encephalitis, Salmonella, Bacillus, Campylobacter, Pseudomonas app and Staphylococcus.

But the benefits don’t stop there,  ANK Neutral Anolyte is so effective that pathogens are unable to build up a resistance to it over time and even at low concentrations anolyte will prevent algae and biofilm from developing. 


The product is Biogro certified organic and biodegradable in concentrated form, and is also not classed as a dangerous good. This is great news for OHS practices as the product requires no special handling, transportation, storage or disposal and provides a safer working environment for everyone.

As the product is pH neutral it will not corrode surfaces or materials and is used extensively for CIP cleaning and sanitizing within production.

Applications for the product within food safety areas are seemingly endless, and together with a recently developed ANK Clean product (made with Anolyte) to break down and remove proteins, Envirolyte now provides the market with a powerful (and much sought after) environmentally safe cleaning and sanitizing solution. 


ANK Neutral Anolyte

  • Sold in 0.5L, 20L, 200L and 1000L configurations
  • Is an effective, benign broad spectrum sanitiser
  • Performs well in the presence of organic material
  • Manufactured with neutral pH and can replace traditional hazardous, acidic chemistry
  • Tests have shown a faster micro-kill than conventional chemicals
  • BioGro certified Organic
  • MPI approved C23, C43, C51, C61, C104
  • Dairy Maintenance Compound Approved

ANK Clean

  • Sold in 0.5L, 20L, 200L and 1000L configurations
  • Is an effective cleaner with sanitising properties (made with Anolyte)
  • Environmentally safe and effective at breaking down proteins
  • BioGro certified Organic
  • MPI approved C31

Additional Products:

  • Sanitas Q-Bond, Micro-Clear Plus – hard surface antimicrobial treatments – Dairy Maintenance Compound Approved


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