With the World Cup in Russia well under way, the event has attracted an abundance of overseas visitors and for most has granted the opportunity to travel and learn more about this at times enigmatic country. Just south of Moscow approximately 1 hour flight away is the city of Voronezh which is the administrative center of Voronezh Oblast, Russia.

With a population of just over 1.1 million, the city relies mainly on well-sourced water to provide municipal drinking water to its sprawling urban population. Previously dependent on chlorine gas to sanitize and disinfect the well-water to a safe standard, the city decided to pursue a safer and more environmentally friendly solution for it’s citizens.

There was also multiple hazards associated with the use of chlorine gas, and with recent changes to local government policies in favour of more sustainable technologies, the time had come to investigate an alternative method.

Embracing New Technology

After installing 8 x ELA – 24 000ANW Envirolyte Electrolyzed Water Generators (EWG) on site, the treatment facility could now produce a product called ANK Neutral Anolyte which replaced the Chlorine gas as the active disinfectant and water sanitizing agent.

Envirolyte’s patented green technology units electrolyze a salt brine solution combined with water and pass it through a patented ceramic membrane to produce two separate solutions, and one of them is the super disinfectant Anolyte which is a pH neutral and fast-acting sanitizer.

Although the pH neutral and organic Anolyte produced is non-toxic and fully biodegradable, it is lethal to all known pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungus and molds. ANK Neutral Anolyte had also demonstrated that pathogens were unable build up resistance to it over time, so even at low concentrations it would safely sanitise and disinfect the city’s water.

The residents were the real winners though, because their drinking water was now being treated with a technology that was completely non-toxic and safe for not only the people, but the environment.

Application: Disinfection of municipal drinking water.

Location of the installation: Voronezh City, Russia. booster pumping station to provide drinking water for the city population.

City population: ~ 890 000 people.

Drinking water consumption: ~ 466 000 m3/day .

Source water: well water.

Daily FAC requirement:: 230 kg.

Type of the Envirolyte equipment: 8 x ELA – 24 000ANW. Six machines – operational and two – as a redundancy/stand by capacity.

Previously use technology: Chlorine gas.

The reasons for switching to new technology: Multiple hazards associated with the use of chlorine gas and change of the local government polices

Envirolyte ELA-24 000ANW machines

Brine tanks

Booster station/installation site

The reported benefits of using Envirolyte water disinfecting technology :


– No danger of chlorine gas explosion and hazards associated with transportation of the cylinders;

– No need to mix or dilute hazardous chemicals;

– Environmental friendly solution

– Chlorine free water


– elimination of biofilms and inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms including Legionella species, and nil bacteria counts

– created a longer-lasting residual than traditional chlorination, often at a lower dosage

-right dosage, no more no less – corrosion is reduced

-significant reduction of Trihalomethane and other Disinfection by-products

Cost reducing

-Envirolyte system is fully automatic and only requires minimal operator attention

-no need for transport, handling or storage of chlorine gas or hypochlorite

-on site installation in close proximity of urban population