Replace toxic chemicals and sanitise ecologically. MPI approved for food contact.

Water Treatment: Economic disinfection of water for drinking and potable water, for rural and industrial usage.

Case study – Auckland Zoo

Wastewater from Auckland Zoo required treatment to remove E. coli and faecal coliforms to ensure safe compliant discharge back into the adjoining stream. An Envirolyte® ELA-6000 Anolyte generator was installed to disinfect the wastewater prior to discharge.

The daily volume of water to treat is ~ 1,800 cubic metres. Concentration of Anolyte dosed is 0.27 % in Winter and 0.34 % in Summer producing a residual free available chlorine (FAC) level of around 1 ppm.

The technology: An Envirolyte® ELA-6000
Fully plumbed and wired in weatherproof building on concrete. Water softener unit, sediment filters, flow meters, semi auto flushing kit, Anolyte, Catholyte and Salt storage tanks, and dosing system to waterway complete the installation.

Waste Treatment: Dose Anolyte for a cost effective tertiary treatment eliminating microbial contamination.
Case study – Waste Water Treatment Plant - Maketu

Location: Maketu, Bay of Plenty
Unit Type and Capacity: ELA 4000
Commencement Date: January 2015
Total Flow Specifications: 350m3/day
Anolyte Injection Rate: 1% of total volume
Key Benefits:

Large reduction in required man-hours to maintain the plant and irrigation system
Improved system performance—increased flow rates
Clean filtration systems
Removal of Algae and bio-film
Fogging Anolyte to the sludge press room eliminated the odour subsequently a large reduction in flies

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Case study – Waste Water Treatment Plant - Omaha, Auckland

Location: Omaha, Auckland
Unit Type and Capacity: ELA 3000
Commencement Date: July 2012
Total Flow Specifications: This treatment plant treats wastewater from 2000 houses and irrigates the treated effluent through 250,000m of subsurface irrigation pipe under a 9 hole golf course. The system includes 500,000 dripper outlets, 50 control valves and filters.
Anolyte Injection Rate: 1% of total volume
Key Benefits:

Improved system performance—increased flow rates
Health and safety benefits being benign, safe and easy to apply
Clean filtration systems
Cost effective, very economical to produce
Fogging Anolyte to the belt press area of the sludge dewatering plant completely eliminates the odour

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Atmospheric Fogging: The benign nature of the product allows us to apply the product via various fogging applicators, whether you are looking for bacteria load reduction or odour elimination, we have the solution for you.

Hospitality, Food Processing: Sanitise surfaces and equipment to prevent cross contamination. Increase shelf life. Enhance run length times before CIP, and replace harsh chemicals.

Case study – Fonterra Whey Plant

This whey plant produces over 700,000 litres per day of condensate water as a by-product during the extraction of whey proteins. Condensate is recovered at over 50°C and cooled for storage.

Anolyte is dosed into condensate to maintain E. coli, faecal coliform and APC counts below potable water standards.

By treating both hot and cold condensate with anolyte, (targeting 2ppm ), it can then be reused in the factory for cleaning and washing down of plant, walls and floors. Thus saving water and energy.

This factory is almost totally self-sufficient for water supply utilising the treated condensate for cleaning and even final rinsing before production recommences. By having a unit with extra capacity, there is anolyte to spare for trialling other sanitising use on the site.

The Envirolyte® system has a capital cost of less than 100K and a cost in use of less than $20/day, you can’t beat that! Plus, no hazards or chemicals harmful to people or the environment.

The technology: An Envirolyte® EL-6000
Fully plumbed and wired indoors with the following:

  • Constant Water Pressure
  • Anolyte and Catholyte Storage
  • Complete Dosing control and distribution
  • Semi Auto Cleaning
  • 1 ton Salt tank
  • Water Supply Softener and Filtration

The Envirolyte® EL6000 produces over 500litres/hour of Anolyte, enough to treat over 500,000 litres water (waste)/day.

Case study – Fonterra Cheese Factory

The processing environment was treated with a food safe sanitiser to eliminate yeast and mould fungi as well as potential bacteriophage viruses. The area was vacated and fogged with 100ppm FAC Anolyte. Anolyte fogging application is very effective in penetrating crevices and killing organisms normally requiring toxic chemicals and up to a 24 hour stand down for staff. With Anolyte fogging, staff returned after 15 minutes to continue production.

The yeast and mould organisms were reduced to acceptable levels with minimal downtime and cost. Staff reported a pleasant clean smell on returning to the plant.

The technology: An Envirolyte® EL-6000
Fully plumbed and wired indoors with the following:

  • PLC controlled unit – set and forget.
  • Anolyte and Catholyte storage.
  • Complete Dosing control and distribution.
  • Fully Automated Cleaning.
  • 1 ton Salt tank.
  • Water Supply Softener & Filtration.

Livestock, Poultry: Dose to drinking water so animals are healthier and stronger. Cleaner environment. Reduced veterinary bills and mortalities. Spray and fog batteries, pens, sheds, barns and stables. Increase production.

Agriculture, Horticulture: From pre-sow seed treatment for increased production and yield, to post-harvest treatment for longer shelf life and prevention of spoilage. Increase production rates and yields.

Dairy Farming: Sanitise milking equipment and surfaces resulting in reduced somatic cell counts, washdown water, dose to drinking troughs and foot baths, healthier animals, increased production and yield. Eliminate E.Coli and faecal coliforms, Staph Aureus, Listeria, Salmonella, Leptospirosis and other pathogens.

Seafoods & Aquaculture: Sterilise product and sanitise facilities. Increase shelf life. Non-rinse approved. Protect stock in dosed recirculated systems controlling all pathogens & diseases.

Case study – Stumpy’s Seafood

“We use the Anolyte anywhere and everywhere throughout the shops. We reckon no bacteria, no spoilage. It’s great for all the different products, the surfaces, and the staff. No chemicals, hazards or special storage. No worries. We call it Botox- makes everything young and fresh again! Every morning the shop smells of cleanliness! No residual odours.”

The technology:Envirolyte® ANK Anolyte sanitiser, K-Catholyte detergent

Industrial Cooling Towers: Dose to cooling water for elimination of biofilm and algae formation. Increase heat transfer, save energy. Remove Legionnaires and other pathogens. Replace chemicals.
Case study – NZ Foods Cooling Towers

The cooling towers were treated with a food safe sanitiser to eliminate legionnaires as well as potential wild yeast viruses. Eventually the disinfectant will be used to treat recovered reverse osmosis water for recycling to reduce environmental impact and associated costs. Trial work is also under way to fog into the fermenters which are currently sterilised with steam for an hour. Success will mean only one boiler is required to run, a huge saving!

Catholyte is also used in the wet scrubber to adjust pH from 3.4 to neutral.

All organisms were reduced to zero in the cooling towers, a seamless changeover at minimal cost. Since Catholyte has been used on the wet-scrubber, caustic use there has reduced by more than half. Trials are continuing on other applications but preliminary work is showing positive signs.

The technology: An Envirolyte® EL-2000
Fully plumbed and wired indoors with the following:

  • Manual el-2000 with water cooled Diodes.
  • Anolyte Storage and direct use of catholyte in the wet-scrubber
  • Complete Dosing control and distribution
  • Semi-automated Cleaning
  • 200ltr Salt tank



  • Decontamination
  • Dairy Farming / Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Livestock & Poultry
  • Waste Treatment
  • Water Treatment
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Water Tank Treatment


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