ANK Neutral Anolyte

ANK Neutral Anolyte

With Eco-Conscious consumers on the rise, companies are always looking for ways to rid their operations of harsh and unsafe chemicals. But finding eco-friendly alternatives isn’t that easy, especially when it comes to disinfecting and sanitizing.

With no margin for error within Food Safety and Hygiene areas, toxic agents are often the preferred choice for high risk areas even though they are becoming increasingly environmentally burdensome.

Seemingly unparalleled in their ability to control germs, and deeply ingrained within business hygiene practices; most will have a hard time believing anything without a danger sign visible is capable of disinfecting to a commercial standard.

This mindset is certainly challenged when the product label displays a complete absence of anything toxic or harmful at all. No alcohols, no harsh chemicals, no undesirable by-products and nothing that can harm the environment whatsoever.

The manufacturer is Envirolyte New Zealand, who through a patented green technology process produce a certified organic product called ANK Neutral Anolyte, which is not only non-toxic and safe but lethal at disinfecting.

ANK Neutral Anolyte is so powerful it kills 99.999% of all known pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungus and mold spores.

The product is developed with electrolyzed water technology that harnesses the power of a naturally occurring super disinfectant called HOCl. (Hypochlorous Acid)

HOCl is something that occurs naturally in the human body so although it is lethal to germs, it’s completely safe and non-toxic for people and the environment.

The technology not only produces the super disinfectant but also stabilizes it within a pH neutral solution for up to 9 months, which was previously unheard of.


ANK Neutral Anolyte

ANK Neutral Anolyte

ANK Neutral Anolyte is BioGro certified organic, Food Safety and MPI approved C23, C43, C51, C61, C104.

pH neutral and non-corrosive, ANK Neutral Anolyte is biodegradable even in concentrated form. Safe on surfaces including glass, stainless steel, plastic and wood. Not classed as a hazardous or dangerous good means no special handling, transportation, storage or disposal is required.

ANK Neutral Anolyte powerfully disinfects, sanitizes, kills bacteria, prevents mold and controls odours within all food safety and hygiene risk areas. Great for kitchen bench tops, chopping boards, sink areas, washing trays, utensils, bins, drains, tables, chairs, bathrooms and toilets.

With their recently developed ANK Clean product (BioGro Certified and MPI C31 approved) Envirolyte New Zealand now provides businesses with a powerful (and much sought after) environmentally safe cleaning and sanitizing offering.

Going all organic also doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

ANK Neutral Anolyte has no perfume agents, no colorings, no artificial scents, no added preservatives, no toxic chemicals and leaves no residual which makes it not only natural and safe, but also very cost effective.

Envirolyte New Zealand –  Safer Sanitation, Better Solutions.

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