500ml Safe Sanitiser – Childcare


Multi-purpose, benign broad spectrum workplace sanitiser, ideal for hard surface disinfection. With local and global organic certification, Envirolyte NZ ANK Anolyte will ensure peace of mind, eliminating 99.9% of known pathogens.

  Alcohol Free
  Non Residual
  Floors and Walls
  Hard surface sanitation
  Kitchens and Bathrooms
  Tables and Hardware
  Toys and Equipment
  Eliminates Odour
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Totally Safe – 99% WATER:

A powerful disinfectant, whilst providing peace of mind around your home. Simulating mother nature’s process, electrolysed water can now offer you and your loved ones a clear point of difference. Directions FOR Use: Apply to

Directions FOR Use:

Apply to surface by spraying, immersing, soaking, brushing, wiping or fogging. Safe on surfaces including glass, stainless steel, plastic & wood. Wipe away after 30 seconds contact time. Store sealed in a cool dark area.


pH neutral, ANK Neutral Anolyte. Less than 0.05% Hypochlorus Acid (HOCL).

Cautions & Handling:

In the unlikely event you have any medical concerns or require potential risk advice, please contact 0800 764 766. For further information – refer to our website for relevant approvals and material safety data sheet information.